Chart a path forward

You want to help your team and your organization thrive in a rapidly shifting context. We facilitate workshops and dialogues that create the clarity, alignment, and momentum to make it happen.
Let's Craft a Dialogue

dialogues that generate momentum

We facilitate inclusive, dialogue-driven labs — in person and virtually — that uncover barriers to change, unleash energy for a shared vision, and clarify priorities and next steps.

Tackle both emerging and enduring challenges. Here are just some of the 'How Might We' dialogues our clients are navigating:
Evolve our culture and collaboration for a remote org.
Redesign our employee and client experience for a new reality.
Deliver impact as we combat fatigue and exhaustion.
Clarify priorities and build new capabilities.

Teams went remote, workflows shifted, even as we navigate personal pain and caregiving responsibilities in ways never anticipated before.

We are wrestling with so much today: a health and economic crisis like the world hasn't seen in decades, a reckoning with inclusion, equality, and race relations that calls for deep introspection and real action, accelerating pace and consequences of climate change.

In this moment of overwhelm, we feel a shared conviction that this crisis can help us fundamentally reimagine our work experience and impact.

A moment of reimagination

Alignment and clarity create the momentum for change.

The shift we seek needs to be embodied in each invitation we make, each relationship we encounter, and each meeting we attend. For at the most operational and practical level, after all the thinking about policy, strategy, mission, and milestones, it gets down to this:
― Peter Block, Community: The Structure of Belonging

"Astha equipped my team with a new way of seeing problems as opportunities.  She made 'change' something folks no longer fear but embrace.  By helping us truly understand the root causes of our problems, she helped us solve them in a more efficient way.  As a result, my fellowship participants and employees are more satisfied."

Shannon Maynard, ED, Congressional Hunger Center

"Astha combines the best traits of an effective HR leader. She is able to be both strategic and tactical. She is creative and logical. She is compassionate and great at analyzing data. Ultimately she is an authentic leader who is committed to ensuring that an organization effectively meets the needs of its employees."

Joshua Tripp, Director of Operations, Social Innovation at PayPal

"Astha is a top-flight HR professional, with excellent ability to continuously improve HR operations while advancing the development of staff. But more than that, she is able to develop a deep understanding of the whole business and how her work can drive it forward."

Steve Andersen, Philanthropy Practice Director at Exponent Partners