Embracing the tension between Impact, Wellbeing, and Sustainability.

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We are on a mission to create workplaces that deliver Wellbeing, Impact, and Sustainability for Everyone.
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Our purpose is helping you achieve yours

Our clients are small, purpose-driven teams taking on audacious goals to make the world a better place for everyone.

As you punch above your weight to make a difference, we're creating best-in-class, affordable solutions to help you grow innovative, healthy cultures.

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Meaningful impact meets a desire for greater wellbeing

Purpose-driven organizations attract incredibly smart, talented employees. Increasingly, mission-driven staff want their workplaces to model the world they strive to create. A place where impact coexists with wellbeing and care for employees.
Leaders of small organizations are suddenly tasked with delivering experiences that even big orgs struggle with:
We believe as a community — with a shared belief in innovation, impact, and deep care for our teams — we can do this.
We're opening sign-up for a small beta. This group will get to co-create with us and get an early free preview of solutions known to nurture employee wellbeing and outcomes.
Quote: Whatever the problem, community is the answer.
― Margaret Wheatley, Management Thinking, Leader, Author and Teacher

Alone this is hard. Together we can do it.

"Astha equipped my team with a new way of seeing problems as opportunities.  She made 'change' something folks no longer fear but embrace.  By helping us truly understand the root causes of our problems, she helped us solve them in a more efficient way.  As a result, my fellowship participants and employees are more satisfied."

Shannon Maynard, ED, Congressional Hunger Center

"Astha combines the best traits of an effective HR leader. She is able to be both strategic and tactical. She is creative and logical. She is compassionate and great at analyzing data. Ultimately she is an authentic leader who is committed to ensuring that an organization effectively meets the needs of its employees."

Joshua Tripp, Director of Operations, Social Innovation at PayPal

"Astha is a top-flight HR professional, with excellent ability to continuously improve HR operations while advancing the development of staff. But more than that, she is able to develop a deep understanding of the whole business and how her work can drive it forward."

Steve Andersen, Philanthropy Practice Director at Exponent Partners