Embracing the tension between Impact, Wellbeing, and Sustainability.
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Impact and Wellbeing

We serve the change-makers: organizations and individuals who are inspired to make the world a better place. As you embrace a world where challenging goals and wellbeing need to go hand-in-hand, we help you create the culture, capabilities, and systems to make it happen.
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Organizations and cultures that adapt and innovate

Is the design of your organization helping you adapt? Are your people practices supporting the wellbeing of your team and your community? We have helped global nonprofits and social-enterprises craft cultures and talent-systems that thrive in uncertain contexts. Let us do the same for you.

Join us as we build WISE organizations

⚡WISE helps you deliver Wellbeing, Impact, and Sustainability for Everyone in your workplace.

As you take on audacious goals to make the world a better place, we are designing affordable solutions to help you grow innovative, healthy cultures.

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The What

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Get precise insights into what is enabling or getting in the way of outcomes and engagement. Create shared mental models that generate clarity, energy, and momentum.


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Tackle challenges fundamental to your org's health: How do we align to a bold new strategy? What does career growth look like in the age of skill-disruption and AI? How do we adapt our people practices?


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WISE Organizations

⚡WISE helps you deliver Wellbeing, Impact, and Sustainability for Everyone in your workplace.  Get ongoing support with a light and affordable programs rooted in coaching, community, and evidenced-based practice.


Our work is focused on your org-needs, culture, and context. The design process we use is not a regimented sequence. It is a roadmap to ensure the solutions we develop are responsive to org needs and designed for the humans that experience them.

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  • Assess Fit
  • Identify challenges, risks, and opportunities
  • Define approach
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  • Deep understanding of stakeholder needs.
  • Assessment, dialogue, analytics (as needed).
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  • Get to shared understanding across stakeholders.
  • Focus and frame what we are attempting to solve.
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  • ​Ideate to expand possibilities.
  • Engage users with co-creation.
  • Prototype - test - learn - repeat to get to MVP.
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  • Design launch experience, tools, communication, and community.
  • Roll-out solution.
  • Measure impact and ongoing experience.
  • Evaluate and iterate.

The Who

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Astha Parmar

Founder & Principal

Astha is a Talent, HR and Design leader with over a decade of experience building innovative people practices for a wide range of industries and organizations including international non-profits, tech, and finance. Prior to Inspri, Astha led the Global Talent & HR Function at Grameen Foundation — delivering talent solutions and services across Africa, Latin America, and Asia. She has a Masters in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and a Masters in Organizational Behavior. Astha facilitates 'Design Thinking & HR' seminars for Masters and PhD students at SPU.

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"Astha equipped my team with a new way of seeing problems as opportunities.  She made 'change' something folks no longer fear but embrace.  By helping us truly understand the root causes of our problems, she helped us solve them in a more efficient way.  As a result, my fellowship participants and employees are more satisfied."

Shannon Maynard, ED, Congressional Hunger Center

"Astha combines the best traits of an effective HR leader. She is able to be both strategic and tactical. She is creative and logical. She is compassionate and great at analyzing data. Ultimately she is an authentic leader who is committed to ensuring that an organization effectively meets the needs of its employees."

Joshua Tripp, Director of Operations, Social Innovation at PayPal

"Astha is a top-flight HR professional, with excellent ability to continuously improve HR operations while advancing the development of staff. But more than that, she is able to develop a deep understanding of the whole business and how her work can drive it forward."

Steve Andersen, Philanthropy Practice Director at Exponent Partners


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