Innovative people practices

Shift mindsets, build systems, and change behaviors.

Shift Mindsets

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The design labs help you and your teams embrace constraints, put empathy, creativity, and prototyping into action – and walk out with ready-to-use insights. We customize the experience for your team. Or you can start by participating in one of our open events where teams can learn from peers in other organizations. Typical set-up involves a virtual kick-off, access to curated tools, a 1-2 day in-person workshop, and virtual debrief on results achieved.

  • Quickly tackle a shared challenge.
  • Build design-thinking capabilities within your team.
  • Facilitate learning and connection across silos.
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Data Analytics & Insights

We combine statistical analysis, rich qualitative research, and tableau enabled
visualizations to help you extract insights and make data-driven decisions.

  • Assess employee engagement.
  • Develop talent analytics.
  • Uncover barriers to productivity and collaboration.

Build Systems

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Strategic Alignment

Tackle complex challenges by aligning your purpose, strategy, culture, and capabilities.

  • Get insights into systemic challenges and drivers of change.
  • Identify core capabilities needed to create value for your customers.
  • Design structures and roles that grow your talent and deliver results.
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Talent Solutions

Build effective, engaging, and simple talent solutions that remove barriers to productivity and engage your teams.

  • Reinvent performance and compensation solutions.
  • Create career growth and talent mobility solutions right-sized to your needs.
  • Provide onboarding and performance support to your teams.
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HR Automation

Create an overall strategy for HR technology and data platforms, with a focus on automating and integrating HR, Talent, and Ops processes to:

  • Reduce time spent on repetitive, predictable activities.
  • Free up bandwidth for strategic talent priorities.
  • Simplify and improve employee & manager experience.
Change Behaviors

Create Learning Cultures

Shifting leadership styles and cultures is hard work. It also has an out-sized impact on the results your organization delivers. Support your people with a light and affordable program rooted in our 3C's approach:

  • Coaching: create a coaching culture that allows teams to feel safe, take creative risks, and build long-term capabilities.
  • Connection: cohort and dialogue based learning that breaks down silos and fosters creativity
  • Contextual learning: with skills shifting faster than content can keep up — we help you select and deploy a curated-learning and performance-support approach designed to meet the specific needs of your staff.

"Astha equipped my team with a new way of seeing problems as opportunities.  She made 'change' something folks no longer fear but embrace.  By helping us truly understand the root causes of our problems, she helped us solve them in a more efficient way.  As a result, my fellowship participants and employees are more satisfied."

Shannon Maynard, ED, Congressional Hunger Center

"Astha combines the best traits of an effective HR leader. She is able to be both strategic and tactical. She is creative and logical. She is compassionate and great at analyzing data. Ultimately she is an authentic leader who is committed to ensuring that an organization effectively meets the needs of its employees."

Joshua Tripp, Director of Operations, Social Innovation at PayPal

"Astha is a top-flight HR professional, with excellent ability to continuously improve HR operations while advancing the development of staff. But more than that, she is able to develop a deep understanding of the whole business and how her work can drive it forward."

Steve Andersen, Philanthropy Practice Director at Exponent Partners


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